VJ Dini


Chris “DJ Dini” Rondini is a world-class DJ and video mixer. A talented and driven individual, Chris found his passion for music over two decades ago as a DJ and has since risen to prominence by wining the Video DJ World Championships in Las Vegas - one of the highest accolades anyone can receive as a Video DJ. He has performed for A-List celebrities, professional athletes, fortune 500 companies, high-profile clients, and international festivals. Whether it is Disney, Samsung, Cee-lo, Adam Corrola, or Dominique Wilkins, he has been celebrated for providing the soundtrack for some of the most exclusive parties in Los Angeles. DJ Dini’s philosophy on DJing extends beyond his musical expertise and enthusiasm. He believes the best events happen seamlessly, with one chapter of the evening effortlessly flowing into the next. Whether he’s mixing music, mixing videos “VJing", working the mic, or working behind the scenes, DJ Dini’s commitment to excellence can be seen in every aspect of his work.